Mumbai - Face of Today's India

  • Introduction:

    A cluster of seven islands, erstwhile Bombay now rechristened as Mumbai – India’s island city has certainly come a long way. The commercial gateway to India, Mumbai has been tapped by millions of faces who transcend paradoxes and co-exist breaking the racial, religious, cultural and linguistics barriers. This nucleus of many worlds reigns through its metaphorical existence where the jostling of commuters sketches the numerous sounds and the intoxicating vibe of the city.

    One of the most expensive addresses in the world, Mumbai plays home with equal ease to powerhouse businessmen, eminent personalities from the world of art, music, sports and even movie stars along with scores of a hopeful working class who reside in the humble shanties of Asia’s biggest slum. Personifying the quintessential epicenter of conventional and modern, Mumbai’s skyline boasts off myriad expressions what with the art – deco buildings, colonial architecture, skyscrapers and the unassuming homes of the many. The capitalist mindset has provided for cathartic offsets in the harmonious existence of different communities taking to businesses like the stock market, textiles, shipping, diamond trade and restaurant ownership among the many, making the metropolis the financial hub of the country.

    This eclectic venue called Mumbai also celebrates sanctity through various temples for Hindus, dargahs, fire temples; thus making festivals of all religions an integral part of the city’s mindscape. Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival of the elephant-headed God of good fortune has hitherto become an inevitable enterprise contributing to Mumbai’s fervor.

    Unparalleled to any city in the world, its flamboyance brews in the culinary fares of local concoctions along the westernized ways of wining and dining. Partaking to the essence and spirit of the city, the zealous yet precariously with nature of the city is only for those who can stomach it. They say it’s a metropolis of dreams and truth being told, Mumbai caresses those who dare.

    Depicting the unique collections of visual epithets we bring to  you a collector’s delight – Mumbai: Face Of Today’s India and leave you to envisage the montage of novelties one of modern India’s marvels’ have to offer.

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    Mumbai: Face of Today’s India

    Dr. Saryu Doshi


    Unique collection of 200 photgraphs.

    Paper: 150 GSM Matte Art

    Binding: Hard Bound

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