100 Years Of Indian Hindi Cinema

  • The ‘Mother’ of all Cine ‘Maa’ Collectors

    100 Years of Magic in One Single Frame !

  • Introduction:

    They made us cry. And laugh. They gave us hope. And inspiration. But, above all, they made us believe.

    For 100 years, Hindi cinema has transported us from our humdrum lives into wondrous worlds beyond the silver screen. Ever so fleetingly, for three hours at a time, Hindi Cinema brought magic into our lives. Now, we are giving movie-lovers like you the opportunity to bring those 100 years of magic into your living room in one single collage frame!

    Magnate Publishing House brings you the ‘Mother India’ of all movie memorabilia -one iconic framed collage of the posters of 100 of the greatest Bollywood Hindi films.

    This limited edition memorabilia is a labour of love. Choosing the 100 best wouldn’t have been possible without countless hours of research and advice from some of India’s finest film critics and most fanatical fans.

    The result is a magical journey through the years, framed for posterity in high quality Italian wood and glass, specially embossed and engraved.

    Don’t blink. You might miss a once in a lifetime opportunity!

  • The ‘Mother’ of all Cine’Maa’ Collage!

  • Specifications:

    Frame: 69.5″ (W) x 58.5″ (H) x 2.5″ (B)

    Poster: 4″ (W) x 6″ (H)

    Italian Wood along with glass cover.


    1 x Frame ( 69.5″ W x 58.5″ H x 2.5″ B)

    1 x Certificate of authenticity

    1 x Coffee Table Book of 200 pages ( Provides synopsis of the each movie with cast and credits & larger cinema poster )

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